Workshop Content

Standard Workshops

Shakespeare 4 Schools workshops immerse students in the world of Shakespeare, using reconstructed and interpreted dances from history, together with drama role-play and movement exercises. We explore historical context and themes to build understanding and create a connection with Shakespeare, covering the following time periods:-  

Ancient Greece & Rome -
Middle Ages - Elizabethans - Stuarts

We tailor our workshops to suit the needs of your students and cover all or some historical periods and specific plays being studied or performed. 

Taught by one facilitator and suitable for all Key Stages in schools, colleges and higher education.  Facilitators usually teach in modern dress but can also work in theatrical or historical costume.

Performance Workshops

Performance workshops build on Standard Workshops and include acted excerpts of Shakespeare intersected with interactive exercises. 
Usually taught by more than one facilitator.  During these workshops the facilitators may wear theatrical costumes. 

Drama Consultation

We also offer drama consultation in schools and colleges, including;
play choreography and direction, G.C.S.E devised piece and 'A' Level coaching. 

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.